UBPartner News & Updates

Streamline your regulatory reporting with an advanced and flexible suite of XBRL tools.

Data Point Modelling and XBRL

Part of the same supervisory reporting Information Supply Chain or competitive formats?

XBRL Toolkit and XPE

New versions to support the latest ESEF Filing Rules and new standards, including xBRL-CSV available now.

Solvency Reporting & ORSA Dashboards made Simple

Valucor, an actuarial consulting firm, adopted UBPartner’s XT Cloud Service for their clients’ Solvency Reporting, then used the XT Database to establish internal risk and management dashboards.

UBPartner XPE Certified for new XBRL OIM formats

XBRL International has confirmed that XPE 2022-1 is compliant with the xBRL-CSV and xBRL-JSON specifications.