Expert XBRL Services

Make your XBRL project a success by getting timely guidance and training from our Expert Consultants

Make the most of XBRL

Making the most of XBRL’s unique and powerful features requires both in-depth knowledge and experience. Our consultants have both.

Over the last 12 years, UBPartner has worked with Governments, and market regulators to build XBRL collection systems; helped hundreds of banks, insurance companies and listed companies across Europe to prepare their XBRL reports; and also assisted major software vendors to adopt XBRL into their applications.

In-depth XBRL Knowledge

1Consulting Services
1Consulting Services

The UBPartner team contains some of the pre-eminent experts in XBRL theory and implementation.

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist your organization in adopting and getting the most out of this powerful new technology standard, by:

  • Helping to select the correct architecture and deployment model to meet your specific needs
  • Establish approaches to taxonomy development that are tried and tested in real-world XBRL projects
  • High-level resources for development and Implementation support

UBPartner has packaged its extensive knowledge of XBRL into a catalogue of educational courses that range from the basics of the XBRL language to advanced design topics.

Some of the courses available from UBPartner include:

  • Introduction to XBRL and system design
  • Approaches to taxonomy and XBRL formula development
  • Advanced validation techniques

Services Customised to Your Needs

This kind of expertise goes beyond mere technical knowledge; it is the cumulative experience of our team that clients can best benefit from our involvement in their projects.

The services and workshop-based training can be customised to meet your specific needs and can be held at your own offices or over the internet.

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