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Solvency and IORP Reporting Made Simple

Manage your Solvency II and Pension Funds (IORP) reporting requirements, with the right tools.

Make your Solvency and Pension Fund reporting in XBRL simpler

Preparing the data and then converting it into XBRL, then finding the errors and fixing them can be a long drawn out and expensive process. Finding the right tools to help streamline the reporting workflow can be difficult.

UBPartner’s XBRL Toolkit is proven to generate 100% compliant submissions for the Solvency II and IORP reporting frameworks published by EIOPA. It can save you money and time.

Move ahead quickly

The software can be installed in minutes and used by anyone with basic Excel skills, even better is that it can be accessed over the internet as the XT Cloud Service, which is fully managed and kept up to date with the latest requirements by UBPartner.

No XBRL Knowledge Required

Convert and validate your data with our pre-mapped templates and simple tools that allow you to produce high-quality Solvency II and IORP II reports without any prior knowledge of XBRL.

Continuously Updated & Tested

As the regulations and the XBRL taxonomy change, we provide timely updates to the templates, ensuring that your reporting always stays accurate.

Advanced Integration

If you have more custom needs the software is available as the XT Portal and integrated to other applications via a standard interface.

The XBRL Toolkit can also help you implement your ORSA Dashboards, and your SFCR / RSR reports. By loading the data already collected in the Solvency reports into our XT Database, you can save valuable time and reduce errors in preparing the relevant base data for your risk analysis.

Want more information about how the XT Database can help?

Find out how Actuelia used UBPartner’s XBRL Toolkit and the XT Database to improve ORSA reporting and deliver ORSA Dashboards for its customers –
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If you want more details on the technical aspects of the XT Database and it helps to store and analyse XBRL data the head over to its webpage –
XT Database webpage

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