Enhance your Company’s ESEF Reporting process and deliver 100% Compliant ESEF Reports

ESEF Reporting Challenge

The European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) mandates listed companies on EU-regulated markets to use the inline XBRL (iXBRL) format to prepare their consolidated annual financial reports.

There is a wide range of approaches on how to achieve this, but there is no single solution that meets all the needs of the different players who work on an annual report, nor one that can address the multiverse of different internal processes to collect the data, prepare it and to get it approved.

XBRL Tools to Fit Your Workflow

UBPartner has worked with leading accounting, financial and media companies to understand the range of ESEF requirements and to deliver a simple, yet flexible set of software tools to help companies produce a 100% valid annual report.

Each component of XT ESEF has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual phases of generating a 100% compliant XBRL report.

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Range of Tools, One integrated suite

XT ESEF is organised around the major reporting steps. Each of the components is built to support the different players – finance department, design and media specialists, and internal and external auditors. The individual tools can be integrated into an existing workflow, or alternatively accessed as a suite via a web portal interface.

Report Model First Approach

Our approach starts with the Report Model to produce the company’s own extension taxonomy. This allows it to be tested early in the production cycle, so you can prepare and test it in advance. Trying to build the model after the document is finished (i.e. tagging a PDF document) is much harder. It often leads to a poor ESEF report and numerous hours of tracking errors.


Validation services are available at each stage of the process to check that the report is correct before moving on to the next step. The tools providing both summary and detailed reports to ensure that the process can be monitored and effectively managed. This ensures that the final report is fully in compliance with the ESEF Conformance suite.

Getting ESEF Right First Time

Most ESEF Vendors’ Approach

  • Often starts with the final layout and content laid out in final form
  • Tagging on Unstructured document
  • Taxonomy and extensions built-in real- time
  • Validation at end of process

UBPartner’s Think Digital Approach

  • We start with the information the company wants to publish and the report model behind it
  • Tagging in a structured environment makes it easier
  • Taxonomy and extensions built-in real- time
  • Validation at all stages in the process

UBPartner provides its XBRL Software to governments and market regulators, so getting the reports 100% correct is at its core. Validation of the report model and ensuring the consistency and accuracy of the data using the conformance rules in the ESEF Taxonomy is critical. In addition, we apply the full ESEF Filing Rules and test these continuously against the ESEF Conformance Suite.

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Fully Proven ESEF Solution

XT ESEF is based upon UBPartner’s proven XBRL Toolkit platform which is fully certified by XBRL International and fully meets ESMA’s ESEF conformance suite to ensure that your Annual Report is 100% compliant with the rules.

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