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XBRL Collection Systems for
Every Size and Need

To build a custom solution or to buy an off-the-shelf solution?
Get the best of both by building on a set of integrated components.

XBRL Collection Systems come in all shapes and sizes

Some collection systems require two-phase processing to manage peak workloads of 600,000 documents, like the Belgian Ministry of Finance, some need to focus on a high throughput to validate around one million GAAP reports, like Infocamere, and some have smaller volumes of reports but have to support a range of taxonomies, such as CRD4, Solvency 2 and ESEF, like the Maltese Financial Services Authority.

Whatever the special needs, UBPartner’s XBRL technology and tools can provide a cost-efficient solution. In particular, UBPartner’s XT Portal can provide a web services platform that can support the full XBRL reporting lifecycle: a web user interface to let submitting firms generate and validate their own XBRL reports, a validation service that can manage high-volumes and multiple taxonomies, plus the XBRL data can be stored in an XBRL Database for further review and analysis.

The XT Portal platform can be implemented as a fully scalable, multi-threaded system. It can be readily updated for new taxonomies and updated version via the XT Taxonomy Packages, while Hotfixes can be applied via Resource files.  To find out more about the XBRL Toolkit, Portal and Taxonomy Packages go to the XBRL Toolkit (XT) page.

The XT Portal is already being used by several European Regulators as the basis for their XBRL collection systems, supporting the full range of European supervisory frameworks - EBA CRD4, EIOPA Solvency and Pension Funds, Single Resolution Board and ESMA's ESEF.

If an off-the-shelf solution just cannot do it, then customise your own Solution.

Standard solutions, like XT Portal, can do many things, but when you need a customised solution then UBPartner’s XBRL technology and tools can help.

Advanced Validation Services

XPE provides the full range of XBRL validation and processing via a set of flexible APIs and Java libraries. It can be used to quickly deploy an XBRL Validation Service or to post-process XBRL documents into another format. Go to the XPE page for further information.

Easy-to-use XBRL tools

Build taxonomies, generate mapping files, extract taxonomy definitions or data from instances, UBPartner's XBRL tools can deliver a range of features to help get your XBRL project going.

Expertise and adviice

UBPartner's consultants have extensive experience with the full range of XBRL projects and can help you with timely advice and implementation resources.

XBRL Application Suites (Partners)

Our partners can also deliver pre-packaged applications for a specific sector or a complete regulatory supervision system, including taxonomy management and XBRL Forms.

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