XT Portal Regulatory Reporting

A complete and proven platform for the collection of XBRL reports

XT Portal: XBRL Collection Platform

UBPartner’s XT Portal can provide a web services platform that can support the full XBRL reporting lifecycle: a web user interface to let submitting firms generate and validate their own XBRL reports, a validation service that can manage high-volumes and multiple taxonomies, plus the XBRL data can be stored in an XBRL Database for further review and analysis.

Proven XBRL solution

The XT Portal is already being used by several European Regulators as the basis for their XBRL collection systems, supporting the full range of European supervisory frameworks – EBA CRD4, EIOPA Solvency and Pension Funds, Single Resolution Board and ESMA’s ESEF.

Our Approach

Standard Components

The XBRL Toolkit (XT) provides a standard set of services that works for any compliant Taxonomy Package. It deploys a taxonomy management layer to provide all the resources needed by the different services – validation, rendering, etc.

Simple to Update

The platform can be quickly updated to support new versions of the regulatory requirements or to adopt a new framework, simply by loading the relevant XT Taxonomy Package.

Advanced Web Services

XT is built on a fully certified XBRL processing Engine (XPE) which provides the full range of XBRL validation services for reports and taxonomies. Each service can be accessed via a flexible set of REST APIs and each provides a range of appropriate outputs.

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XBRL Toolkit (XT) and XT Portal

XBRL Application Suites

UBPartner has developed a network of software vendors and implementation partners that can deliver pre-packaged regulatory reporting applications for a specific sector or a complete regulatory supervision system.

These provide complimentary features including taxonomy management, XBRL forms, and customised data analysis solutions.

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