XT Cloud: XBRL Made Easy

Managed XBRL Reporting Service (SaaS) for Fast access and Low Maintenance

XBRL Implementation Challenge

Regulatory reporting systems can sometimes be difficult to set up. They can involve complex software, require regular updates, and use new technology. This can place a heavy burden on already stretched Compliance and IT services.

New regulatory reporting formats, such as XBRL, place a further burden as it is unlikely that in-depth knowledge is available internally and the resources are not readily available in the market.

Move to the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Many firms have already moved their development systems and some applications to a Cloud-based service to exploit the multiple advantages of ‘Software as a Service’.
Moving your XBRL reporting requirements to the Cloud could provide even greater benefits in terms of removing the need to install special software, updating reporting requirements and sharing advanced and secure hosted platforms.


The XT Cloud Service is based upon UBPartner’s proven and fully certified XBRL Toolkit (XT) and XT Portal software.

You can access the system as soon as you are signed up; and from then on UBPartner will manage the software installation and update process, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality, fully compliant reports.

Start fast, stay updated

You can get started right away with the XT Cloud Service. UBPartner fully manages the software and keeps it fully updated with the latest regulations and rules.


Simple interfaces and flexible workflows enable your team to establish a working process that meets their specific needs, and pre-mapped templates make XBRL report creation become child’s play.

Simple to Use XBRL Tools

XT offers pre-mapped Excel-based templates and the tools to convert and validate them into XBRL. The templates can be directly linked to your data and easily updated.


UBPartner provides a range of XT Taxonomy Packages for European banks, investment firms, insurance & pensions, public companies, and many local Taxonomies. Plus, new ones can be added on request.


The system provides reports to check the accuracy and consistency of your data via our advanced validation services, including a Summary Report,

Integrate with existing applications

The easy-to-use XBRL tools can be readily linked to your existing applications using a modern, standard REST API. Enabling your organisation to take full advantage of the services.


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Like the benefits, but worry about Data Security?

Adopting an XBRL Cloud solution may raise concerns about the security of company data when it is not held ‘On Premises’. However, it is already true that vast amounts of company data is already securely stored on the web and the XT Cloud Service is implemented on a fully secure Microsoft Hosting platform.

In addition, the XT Cloud Service employs state-of-the-art security and protection systems, which UBPartner extends with other leading software protection and authentication approaches. This makes the XT Portal system more secure than most companies internal systems.


The adoption of standards is at the core of UBPartner’s software approach, so all of our products are XBRL Certified Software™, which means that the software has been inspected by XBRL International for conformance with the XBRL specifications. The XT Cloud Service and the UBPartner XBRL Toolkit (XT) are already being used by some 600 banks and insurers across Europe. It is therefore proven to work and deliver the right results.

More information on the XT Cloud Service

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