XBRL Reporting,
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Ease of Access & Maintenance via the XT Cloud Service

Adopting new systems can be time-consuming

New regulatory frameworks require new software and new systems, plus these types of systems require continuous updating as the regulations change over time. This places a heavy burden on already stretched IT services.
In addition, the adoption of new reporting formats, such as XBRL, place a further burden as it requires learning new skills and gaining new knowledge.

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Contact our team

Move to the benefits of Cloud Computing and SaaS

Many firms have already moved their development systems and some applications to the Cloud to exploit the multiple advantages of ‘computing power on demand’. Moving your XBRL reporting requirements to a Cloud Service could provide even greater benefits.

XBRL reporting systems require updates as regulations and standards evolve. From an XBRL point of view, that means updating XBRL taxonomies, updates to the Filing rules and regular updates to the software to support the changing XBRL standards. So an XBRL reporting system requires continuous servicing and maintenance. The XT Cloud Service can remove these issues as UBPartner will manage the system and the updates for you.

Start fast, stay updated

You can get started right away with the XT Cloud Service. UBPartner fully manages this web service and keeps it fully updated with the latest regulations and rules.

Simple to Use XBRL Tools

XT offers pre-mapped Excel-based templates and the tools to convert and validate them into XBRL. The QRTs can be directly linked to your data and easily updated.

Integrate with existing applications

The easy-to-use XBRL tools can be readily linked to your existing applications using a modern, standard REST API. Enabling your organisation to take full advantage of the services.

Like the benefits, but worry about Data Security?

Cloud solutions always raise concerns about the security of company data when it is not held ‘on premises’. However, it is already true that vast amounts of company data is already securely stored on the web and the XT Cloud Service is implemented on a fully secure Microsoft Hosting platform. The platform employs state of the art security and protection systems, which UBPartner extends with other leading software protection and authentication approaches.

This makes the XT Cloud system more secure than most companies internal systems. If you want more details on how we secure the XT Cloud data and the audits that we undertake to check that we have the latest protection, then please contact us.

Since the establishment of the XT Cloud Service, its use has risen exponentially, as existing and new customers have taken advantage of its easy maintenance and low costs.
It is already in use by over 200 banks and insurers in Europe and the XT Portal on which it is based has been installed around the world. It is therefore been proven to work and provides a low-risk alternative to implementing ‘On-premises’.

Delivered at a low price and without the fuss

A fully managed service can often command a high price. However, UBPartner has found that it is easier for us to install and manage our own software, and to upgrade taxonomies and relevant resources rather than supporting remote locations. UBPartner returns these savings and offsets the costs to deliver a high-quality XBRL reporting solution at the lowest cost possible.