XBRL Reporting for Banks

Generate EBA CRD4, SRB and local banking reports with our simple and effective XBRL software tools

CRD4 and SRB Reporting

The European Banking Authority’s CRD4 regime and other regulatory reporting frameworks have substantially grown over recent years. The pace of change to these reporting requirements is expected to continue, in terms of both the regulations and the reporting format, XBRL.

However, the changes also present banks with an opportunity to further automate their existing reporting systems which are struggling under the strain of the increased data requests and demand for higher-quality reports. In fact, using XBRL in the right way could help improve the efficiency of existing processes and result in fewer errors.

OUR SIMPLE CRD4 and SRB Solution

Key elements of any successful regulatory reporting system for banks are that it is simple and easy to use, adapts quickly when new regulations are published, and enables users to identify and fix any compliance errors when reporting deadlines are tight. UBPartner’s flexible template approach embedded in its proven and fully certified XBRL Toolkit (XT) delivers all of this and more.

UBPartner provides Taxonomy Packages for all the leading bank reporting frameworks, such as:

  • EBA’s CRD4
  • IFR/IFD for Investment Banks
  • SRB SRF and RES
  • Numerous local, National Specific Templates.

Implementing a new framework or new versions is as easy as loading the Taxonomy Package and the system is ready. If you decide to use our XT Cloud Service then it is even easier, as UBPartner loads and maintains everything for you. Users also get full feedback via easy-to-use reports that provide both summary and detailed validation reports. The details can even be seen in the business templates enabling you to fix compliance issues fast.

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Pre-Mapped Templates

Our solution offers pre-mapped Excel or CSV templates, plus the tools to convert and validate them into XBRL. As the compliance rules change, you will have access to the most up-to-date templates.

Error identification

The UBPartner tools are based upon a powerful and fully certified XBRL Processing Engine, yet also provide simple User reports to help track down errors quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Deployment

Our XBRL Toolkit (XT) can be deployed as an Excel Add-in, as a local Portal interface or by embedding the XT SDK in an existing application. It can also be accessed via the XT Cloud Service (SAAS) and UBPartner will manage it all for you.

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