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The Last Mile of CRD4 and SRB Reporting

Generate EBA CRD4 and SRB reports in XBRL with our simple and effective software tools.

Simple and effective XBRL conversion

Too much time is spent on updating reporting systems when new regulations are published and on finding errors in the reports when they are validated.

Our flexible template approach and taxonomy management interface enables new Taxonomy versions to be implemented quickly and easily. The summary and detailed validation reports combined with the ability to highlight errors in the templates enable you to fix issues fast.

Pre-Mapped Templates

Our solution offers pre-mapped Excel-based templates and the tools to convert and validate them into XBRL. As the compliance rules change, you will have access to the most up-to-date templates.

Error identification

The UBPartner tools are based upon a powerful and fully certified XBRL Processing Engine, yet simple User reports to help track down errors quickly and efficiently. Thus reducing time and costs

Flexible Deployment

Our XBRL Toolkit can be deployed on a desktop system via an Excel Add-in, on a local server using the XT Portal interface or by embedding the SDK in an existing application, plus it can be accessed via the XT Cloud Service (SAAS).

The new EU prudential reporting regime for Investment Firms (IFR/IFD) comes into effect in 2021. This will place new regulatory (XBRL) reporting requirements on investment firms. UBPartner's XBRL toolkit can help you get started. Find out more about the requirements and how UBPartner can help.

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