XBRL Reporting,
The Right Way.

XBRL Reporting Made Easy

Streamline your regulatory reporting with an advanced and flexible suite of XBRL tools.


Finding the right software to enable your system to support the increasing number of XBRL reporting requirements is not straightforward. It has to meet the needs of the business user, fit in with existing workflows and applications and has to be supported on your technical platform. It should not be this way and it should not cost so much to implement. That is why UBPartner built the XBRL Toolkit (XT).

XBRL Toolkit does not require the user to have any knowledge about XBRL format or syntax. It can be installed quickly or integrated into an existing application. It provides all of the features required for converting data to XBRL, validating the data, rendering the XBRL document into a template for review and highlighting any errors, plus helping the user to correctly format the final submission package.


XT Portal

XT Toolkit Key Features

Pre-Mapped Templates

Quickly generate reports without any prior experience with XBRL, using our library of pre-mapped templates, e.g. CRD4, Solvency II, SRB EAC and SRF, ESMA ESEF and many National Specific Templates (NSTs).

User Friendly

Simple interfaces and flexible workflows enable your team to get up to speed quickly and to develop efficient processes.

Advanced Validation

Check the accuracy and consistency of your data with our advanced validation reports, including a Summary and relevant technical validation reports.

Flexible Deployment

XT can be implemented on a desktop system using an Excel Add-in, run as a batch program, installed as an internal shared Portal, integrated into existing applications, or accessed via a Cloud Service.

Simple Upgrades

Taxonomy and resources upgrades are provided by a simple Taxonomy Package, which is downloadable and installed on the system in minutes. Once installed the update is available to all the XT Tools.

Local Compliance Rules

XT maintains a library of the local regulator’s compliance rules, so that when the submission is complete, the user simply has to say where the report is being filed and this system checks valid file names, adds encryption and electronic signatures, etc.

XBRL Toolkit is certified to support all of the XBRL Standards by XBRL International. Protecting your investment by ensuring that as existing frameworks evolve and new reporting frameworks appear, they can be fully be supported. XBRL Toolkit is also fully tested against local conformance suites to ensure that it also supports local filing rules.