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UBPartner Trademarks

UBPartner believes that the UBPartner and ‘UBP’ abbreviation, plus the derived product names are important brands. The following are all registered trademarks or unregistered trademarks (or ‘common law registered’) of UBPartner S.A.S.

  • UBPartner (‘UBP’)
  • UBPartner XT Portal
  • UBPartner XBRL Conversion Tool (‘XCT’)
  • UBPartner XBRL Validation Tool (‘XVT’)
  • UBPartner Taxonomy Management Interface (‘TMI’)
  • UBPartner XBRL Toolkit (‘XT’)
  • UBPartner XT Cloud Service
  • UBPartner XBRL Rendering Tool (‘XRT’)
  • UBPartner Reporting Management Tool (‘RMT’)
  • UBPartner XBRL Validation Service (‘XVS’)

The brackets denote alternative abbreviations that are in common usage. For readability purposes the word ‘UBPartner’ is often omitted from the product reference but is implied whenever used in the Materials on this website and on other UBPartner information sources.

Other Trademark and Copyright Attribution

The following Trademarks are used on the UBPartner Web site:

  • ‘UBmatrix’ and ‘UBmatrix XBRL Processing Engine (‘XPE’)’ is the trademark of Donnelly Financial Solutions (DFIN) – Serial Number: 77393659 –
  • XBRL™ and XBRL® word marks, the “Extensible Business Reporting Language™” word mark, the XBRL design marks, the XBRL Member design mark, the XBRL Jurisdiction design marks, the XBRL Certified Software design marks, Inline XBRL™ and Table Linkbase™ are all registered trademarks or unregistered trademarks of XBRL International Inc. –
  • Oracle Database is a registered mark of Oracle Corporation –
  • ESMA’s name, abbreviation and logo are the exclusive property of the European Securities and Markets Authority –
  • The EBA’s name, abbreviation and logo are exclusive property of the European Banking Authority –
  • The EIOPA name, abbreviation and logo are exclusive property of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority –
  • The IFRS Foundation’s logo and the IASB®, IFRS®, IFRS for SMEs®, IFRS Foundation®, International Accounting Standards®, International Financial Reporting Standards® are registered trade marks of the IFRS Foundation –
  • The W3C’s logo, as well as terms including XML, DOM, HTML, XHTML, HTML5, XSL and XSLT are registered and unregistered Trademarks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM), or Keio University (Keio) on behalf of the World Wide Web Consortium. All use of the W3C Trademarks is governed by the W3C Trademark and Service Mark License –

Use of UBPartner Trademarks Logos, Product Screenshots

“Fair use” of UBPartner trademarks, that is, use by a third party without express permission or license, is limited to text-only references to UBPartner or UBmatrix trademarks such as product and service names, and excludes UBPartner logos. In such references, you must be truthful, must not disparage UBPartner, and must not mislead the public. You must be clear and accurate as to the nature of the relationship between UBPartner and your company, its products, and its services.

No other company may use the UBPartner logos presented on this site unless it has the express written permission of UBPartner or is licensed to do so as an affiliate or business partner.

UBPartner’s software programs, web pages are copyrighted materials owned by UBPartner. Screenshots constituting an image of an individual screen display from any UBPartner software, application or service are protected by copyright.

To obtain permission to use any UBPartner Trademark, logo, or Screenshot contact your representative or email

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

It is the policy of UBPartner to respect the intellectual property of others and thus to respond to effective notices of alleged infringement of copyrighted material where (i) the copyrighted material is available at, or from, a system or network controlled or operated by or for UBPartner or where (ii) UBPartner, by providing or using an information location tool, such as a directory, index, reference, pointer, or hypertext link, refers or links a third party to a site that contains the copyrighted material.

If you are alleging that copyrighted material may have been or is being infringed, then you may notify UBPartner by email at or by writing to:

UBPartner Head Office

Tour d’Asnières

4 Avenue Laurent Cély

92600 Asnières-sur-Seine

Paris, France