XBRL Reporting, The Right Way.

UBPartner is a leading provider of XBRL software and consultancy services.

Our complete and highly flexible suite of XBRL reporting tools are easy to use and can simplify your regulatory reporting processes.

With UBPartner, XBRL is transformed from a mere regulatory obligation into an opportunity to automate and streamline your business reporting.

We can Help you to:

Banks, Insurers, Fund Managers: Simplify your XBRL Regulatory Reporting

Over 500 European banks and insurance firms are using the XBRL toolkit (XT) for CRD4, SRB, Solvency and Pension fund reporting.
In addition, European market regulators, government agencies and leading software application vendors also employ our technology to XBRL-enable their applications.

Listed Companies: Adopt the right approach for 100% valid ESEF Report

Our software offers comprehensive support for the ESEF reporting requirements, ensuring 100% accuracy and compliance.
Implement the full XT ESEF suite or just select the components that fit with your specific way of working on your ESEF report.

Developers: Get the Most Advanced XBRL technology

Our XBRL technology and tools are fully certified and compliant with the international XBRL standards and with local European regulator filing rules.
The software provides standard interfaces and is built upon modern technology platforms so can be readily integrated in to existing or new applications.

Access XBRL Expertise and Excellent Support Services

Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience in implementing XBRL having worked on some of the largest and most complex XBRL projects.
We also have a network of local partners that can offer a wide range of complementary services and applications for implementing projects, such as ESMA ESEF reporting.


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