UBPartner: One of the real experts in XBRL.

UBP has been at the forefront of XBRL adoption for many years. Our technology, software tools and services have been the basis of success for numerous projects. We continue to invest to make XBRL simpler and easier to adopt.

Some 500 banks and insurers are using UBPartner's XBRL Software to prepare their CRD4 and Solvency reports. Leading software vendors and regulators use it to XBRL enable their applications.

UBPartner's XBRL technology and tools are fully certified for conformance against the standards by XBRL International and are used in major projects worldwide.

Our consultants have extensive real-world experience of implementing XBRL and our partners can provide a wide range of complimentary services and applications.

  • The first round of Solvency reporting was always going to be challenging, but our customers are pleased at how efficiently the process has worked, so far, and this would not have been possible without UBPartner’s dedicated staff and flexible tools.”
  • Milliman chose to work with UBPartner because they really understand how XBRL works and have a simple yet flexible range of tools that we can integrate into a range of solutions that can meet all of our customers’ needs. Milliman
  • The UBPartner XBRL Toolkit removes the need to understand complex XBRL syntax by providing pre-mapped Excel templates. Our customers simply load the data into the template and run the XBRL Converter Tool to generate a 100% compliant XBRL document. Milliman
  • I have been very pleased to see how easy it has been to use the UBPartner products, saving us lengthy and much costly development time. Applicon
  • We implemented the tools and trained staff to use it in a one week time-frame. At the end of the training our staff were ready to talk to banks about how to use and complete the new Excel reporting templates and then for us to convert them. Maltese Financial Services Authority