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Network of partners to help deliver successful XBRL Implementations

UBPartner has developed alliances with local, regional and worldwide organisations that provide the broadest range of services and expertise to firms looking to undertake an XBRL project. Their real-world perspective helps customers prioritize and effectively implement XBRL-based solutions.


Applicon is a SAP Implementation partner and adopted UBPartner's XBRL reporting Toolkit to deliver both CRD4 and Solvency II reporting solutions to its customers.
Applicon has offices in Iceland and Sweden and operates across the Nordic region.


Aguilonius has been working with UBmatrix software for many years and has a number of successful projects, including the Belgian Tax Office and several major European banks.
Aguilonius operates across Europe, with offices in Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark.


BSB provides advanced IT services to corporate customers and institutions. BSB has been a leader in XBRL adoption in Poland delivering XBRL training and consultancy services to market regulators and banks.
BSB is based in Poland with its main offices in Warsaw and Bydgoszcz.


Capgemini BAS BV specializes in applications services and is one of the leading players in the Dutch IT services market. Capgemini has been involved in the Dutch SBR initiative since the beginning and has delivered several successful XBRL collection systems.
Capgemini BAS is based in the Netherlands, but also works with the global Capgemini organisation on projects.


CIBER Norge specializes in developing and delivering business critical solutions to some of the largest and most demanding organizations in Norway and has extensive experience from reporting, surveillance and control projects within the public sector/regulatory entities and the financial sectors.
CIBER has delivered XBRL solutions to the Norwegian financial services regulator, Finanstilsynet, and local banks.

Concentric Solutions

Concentric Solutions is a leading Enterprise Performance Management consultancy. The company is one of Oracle’s leading Enterprise Performance Management applications partners, with extensive expertise of Hyperion Enterprise, Oracle Hyperion EPM Fusion 11 and associated BI technologies.
Concentric has delivered successful XBRL projects for UK HMRC reporting and has offices in London, Kent and in North West England.


Inplenion provides services in Business Performance Management and Business intelligence. The company is a major implementation partner for Oracle across Europe and provides implementation advice From concept to delivery, product training and support.
The company is headquartered in Switzerland and in the Middle East.


Omnidata is a leading supplier of information systems in Morocco. Tailored to the needs of financial institutions of all sizes, BRS (Bank Reporting System) is a regulatory solution that allows complete automation of all production work related to the submission of compliance reports.
Omnidata is based in Morocco and has worked on reporting systems for Bank al Maghraib (BAM).

Touchstone Group

Touchstone Group is one of the largest suppliers of business software and consultancy services to mid-sized UK organisations. Touchstone Group provides a broad range of services and software applications including: ERP, Financial Management, Procurement/Spend Control and Business Intelligence to clients. Touchstone has helped several UK companies to generate Inline XBRL reports for submission to UK HMRC.
Touchstone is based in London and delivers services across the UK.

State Infomatics Ltd

SIL is a leader in providing integrated IT solutions (including ERP, business intelligence and PMS solutions) in Mauritius.
SIL is located in Mauritius, with subsidiary companies SILNAM and SILBOTS based in Namibia and Botswana. SIL also has an working partnership with an IT solutions provider in Ghana to service that market and the West African region.


Umanis is among the top 5 French companies specialised in Business Intelligence. It is the leader in France, with more than 800 employees and embraced XBRL technology since 2005. The French Central Bank originally selected Umanis to implement its FINREP and COREP projects and then was involved in teh extension of this system to support EBA KPI reports and Solvency II.
Umanis operates in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and North Africa.

Enabling Effective XBRL Applications

UBPartner technology and tools have been the enabling factors in providing XBRL capabilities to a range of industry and reporting applications. Our consultants work closely with the partner to deliver a seamless integration with the target application and to deliver high-value and advanced XBRL features.

Actelior Solvency II

Actélior has been actively working with insurance firms on their Solvency II project, from the Pillar I calculations to narrative reporting and general assistance around corporate governance and audit. Actélior is also working directly with several Insurers federations to propose practical solutions to complex issues such as Solvency 2.


Actuelia is a specialist actuarial consulting firm, providing consulting and services to insurance firms. It provides a complete solution for Solvency II and ORSA reporting, including support, training and implementation assistance. Using the unique features of the XBRL Database it enables simple reconciliation between the submitted Solvency and ORSA reports.


ConVista Consulting is one of the leading independent consulting companies in the sector of IT-enabled business processes. The group is focused on business strategies and process optimization enabled by software integration and software development. ConVista's Solventos in an integrated solution for Solvency II reporting that has been adopted by major Insurance firms in Germany and Europe.

Milliman Vega

Milliman is among the world’s largest providers of actuarial and related products and services. It is a global firm of more than 3000 employees, with over 55 total offices operating in all major markets across Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. For more than 60 years, an attention to rigorous standards of professional excellence, peer review and objectivity has made Milliman the leading independent actuarial firm.


Effisoft is an international group that designs and develops software solutions for the insurance, reinsurance and risk management industries. The group is headquartered in Paris France and has offices in Dallas and London and serves the Asian and African markets through its affiliates in Singapore and Johannesburg. Effisoft has a customer base of over 300 companies in 5 continents, many of which are listed on the NYSE, FTSE and CAC40.

Infor XBRL

Infor™ XBRL is a reporting solution that simplifies, accelerates, and validates XBRL submissions. You can create, update, and validate XBRL documents right from your desktop, all while using a familiar Microsoft® Office® environment. Infor XBRL is powered by UBmatrix, the leading XBRL-based information exchange solutions.

XBRL Factory

Aguilonius has developed the XBRL Factory to help banks and insurance companies to generate CRDIV and Solvency II reports. The application is based upon the validation services of UBmatrix software for many years and has a number of successful projects, including the Belgian Tax Office and several major European banks.

XBRL Power Suite

Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Toronto Canada, SQL Power Group Inc. is a global application Software firm specializing in Data Collection, Data Integration, Business Intelligence and Regulatory implementations. XBRL Power Suite is a Supervision Management Framework that integrates easily into existing regulatory infrastructures to unify de-centralized operations, and streamline important regulatory oversight functions. The platform has been field-proven by Canadian as well as international regulators.

zeb Control

zeb is Europe’s leading management consultancy in the financial services sector. zeb’s services include the development of ultra-modern IT solutions, IT strategy consulting and the provision of support to clients during software implementation projects. zeb.control is a complete insurance reporting system and can be integrated with existing IT systems without problems.

Strong Partnerships build Success

UBPartner has developed strategic relationships with global software vendors and other major XBRL suppliers to ensure that we can provide the widest and most appropriate range of tools and product to our European network. The aim is to leverage the worldwide knowledge and developments to continuously improve what we can offer.


DFIN (Donnelly Financial Solutions) acquired the Edgar Online in 2012 and is one of the major XBRL filing services providers to the US SEC. Continuously investing in XBRL to ensure that it meets the latest requirements
UBPartner is the exclusive distributor of the UBmatrix XBRL products worldwide and actively embeds the XBRL Processing Engine into its range of XBRL tools and services.


Infor is the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services, helping 70,000 customers in 164 countries improve operations, drive growth and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. Infor™ XBRL is a reporting solution that simplifies, accelerates, and validates XBRL submissions. You can create, update, and validate XBRL documents right from your desktop, all while using a familiar Microsoft® Office® environment. Infor XBRL is powered by UBmatrix technology.


Oracle has been working with UBPartner technology on two fronts: as part of Oracle's EPM suite to provide additional XBRL reporting capabilities for Oracle's Hyperion customers; and secondly to provide enterprise class storage for XBRL on Oracle® Database XBRL extension. UBPartner is a member of the Oracle Partner Network and works closely with Oracle and its other partners in Europe.


SAP originally worked with UBmatrix software to XBRL enable its financial consolidation and financial reporting applications. UBPartner works with SAP and a number of its partners in Europe to support and maintain the software at several major European banks.

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