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UBPartner has been at forefront in terms of developing the standards and XBRL implementation projects.


UBPartner is one of the real experts in the implementation and development of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), and although UBPartner was only formed in 2011, we can trace our lineage back to the original XBRL standard setters.
Today, we continue to be a key contributor to the standards and their implementation. UBPartner is also an active member of the XBRL community and a member of its organisations:

UBPartner also plays an active role in local XBRL jurisdictions such as XBRL France and XBRL UK. UBPartner is therefore uniquely qualified to aid companies, both large and small, in adopting XBRL.

Our Goal is 100% compliance with the XBRL Standard and to help make XBRL easy to adopt

The goal of UBPartner from the outset has been to use our experience to develop a set of standards-based XBRL products that are easy to use, flexible to deploy and simple to update. We continuously test our software against the relevant conformance suites to ensure it is 100% compliant with the XBRL specifications and local filing rules.


UBPartner software is used by over 500 banks and insurance companies in Europe. It provides the validation service behind major XBRL collection systems for market regulators and government agencies. It is the core XBRL technology for major application vendors and is used globally as the core for numerous and varied XBRL projects.


Standards based

Everything we do is based on standards, in particular the XBRL specifications.
Standards and harmonisation of data collection promote reuse and facilitate integration, hence reduce the costs of implementing new reporting frameworks and make it simpler for users to both generate and analyse the data.

Real-world expertise

We pride ourselves that our consultants and developers have many years of hands-on experience with XBRL systems. Our senior staff all have over 10 years of experience in implementing XBRL systems.
UBPartner has helped to implement a wide range of high-profile XBRL projects in the European financial services industry and beyond.

Building relationships

We believe in the power of partnerships and have developed a network of partners with who we work closely.
These range from major OEMs and systems integrators who use our XBRL technology within their solutions to local country or market sector consulting firms.


We pride ourselves, on attracting the best XBRL developers and consultants. Each has a passion for making the adoption of XBRL as easy as possible and is committed to improving the XBRL standards.

PresidentRoger HADDAD

Roger has many years of experience in the technology industry and has helped several start-up companies to become significant players, both in Europe and Worldwide. In addition to UBPartner, he is a board member of Eptica and Lascom, and was a founder of KXEN.

VP Southern Europe & MEASteve Berdah

Steve has been involved in XBRL systems since 2007 and has extensive experience leading projects for organisations such as Banque de France (COREP & FINREP), CSSF – Luxembourg financial regulator and BPCE. He also acted as CTO for XBRL France. Prior to UBPartner he worked for CSC, a major IT implementation services provider.

VP Development & ConsultingLaëtitia Boublil

Laëtitia has a wealth of XBRL experience, including the development of XBRL reporting systems, such as Umanis FinRisk and UBPartner’s own XBRL Reporting Toolkit (XT), plus major government projects; such as Banque de France’s SURFI system.

Chief Technology OfficerDavid Bell

David has been a member of the XBRL Standards Board (XSB) and continues to be an active member of the major XBRL working groups. He has worked on projects as wide-ranging as the Belgian Ministry of Finance XBRL collection system, the adoption of iXBRL by the Irish Revenue and the Norwegian FSA’s (Finanstilsynet) CRD4 and Solvency system, plus advised numerous partners and smaller projects.

VP Business DevelopmentMartin DeVille

Martin is a member of the XBRL Europe Executive Committee and originally set up UBmatrix in Europe. He has extensive knowledge of software and systems markets having held senior management positions at Oracle and other leading IT organisations.

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