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UBPartner is a leading provider of XBRL software and services. Its advanced XBRL technology enables governments, market supervisors, and enterprises – both large and small - to efficiently and effectively address the challenges of adopting XBRL.

Its software tools support the complete life-cycle of XBRL processing, from taxonomy development and XBRL document validation to XBRL data storage and analysis. All of the tools are built upon a validation engine that is 100% compliant with the XBRL standard, to ensure that they deliver high-quality documents and reports.

In-depth Experience

UBPartner's team of experts have helped to successfully deliver: major XBRL projects in the European Financial Services sector to support the EBA’s CRD IV and EIOPA’s Solvency II reporting frameworks; high–volume reporting solutions for European tax offices; and cost-effective solutions to European banks and insurance firms.

Strong Partnerships

UBPartner believes in working through partnerships and has developed a network of partners to deliver its technology across Europe and works closely with major OEMs and systems integrators who use it's XBRL technology as the platform for their solutions, including Oracle, Infor, Milliman, Capgemini and Ciber.

Paris Head Office

Complete and Continuous Support of the XBRL Standards

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is the global standard for exchanging business information. It is based upon the XML syntax, but goes further by capturing the definition of individual reporting concepts as well as the relationships between them and other semantic meaning, such as formulas. The XBRL Specification is developed and published by XBRL International, Inc. (XII).

UBPartner is a key contributor to the XBRL community and is a direct member of XBRL Europe. We play an active role in many XBRL groups, such as Eurofiling, XBRL standard working groups and XBRL France. UBPartner’s Steve Berdah is currently acting as Technical Director of XBRL France.

The XBRL standard is continually changing to meet the developing set of use cases and demands. UBPartner monitors all of these developments and ensures that its software is fully conformant with the latest standards, and that its customers and partners are kept up to date with the latest developments.

The original UBmatrix organisation was a founding member of XBRL International. How XBRL was developed from an original idea by early pioneers such as Charlie Hoffman, Herm Fisher, Rene van Egmond (all original UBmatrix employees) and many others to the worldwide standard for business information exchange is also a short history of UBPartner's background..

Experienced XBRL Advice and Consulting

The UBPartner team contains some of the pre-eminent experts in XBRL theory and implementation. Our team is uniquely qualified to assist your organization in adopting and getting the most out of this powerful new technology standard.

UBPartner consultants have worked on some of the most advanced and mature XBRL projects and contribute to the XBRL community at both European and International level, helping to share best practice and to develop the standard.


Roger Haddad, President

Roger has many years of experience helping software firms establish themselves and to help them grow both in Europe and Worldwide. In addition to UBPartner, he is a board member of Eptica and Lascom, and was a founder of KXEN.

Steve Berdah, Chief Technology Officer

Steve has been involved in XBRL systems since 2007 and has extensive experience leading projects for organisations such as Banque de France (COREP & FINREP), CSSF – Luxembourg financial regulator and BPCE. Prior to this he worked for CSC, a major IT implementation services provider.

Laëtitia Boublil, VP Development & Consulting

Laëtitia has worked on XBRL based projects for over 7 years. Her experience includes the development of the numerous reporting systems and major XBRL projects; including Banque de France’s SURFI system, Umanis FinRisk and the XBRL Reporting Toolkit, which has been deployed across hundreds of sites in Europe and MEA.

Martin DeVille, VP Business Development

Martin originally set up UBmatrix in Europe and has developed a keen understanding of the XBRL software and systems market. He also has a wealth of experience in IT systems having held senior management positions at Oracle and other leading IT organisations.

Proven XBRL Technology and Skills

UBPartner’s software and services are proven and tested in a range of applications. These include reporting solutions for banks and insurance companies across Europe, XBRL tools to help leading consultants and systems integrators provide complete XBRL solutions, and the underlying XBRL technology platform that supports some of the very largest XBRL collection and validation systems.

The core XBRL platform and processing power is provided by the UBmatrix XBRL Processing Engine (XPE), on which all of UBPartner's tools and applications are based. It can be deployed on systems ranging from PCs to large shared systems using virtual servers and it has proven itself on some of the most complex and advanced XBRL projects. These include European Financial Services regulators, such as Banque de France, tax offices such as the Belgian Ministry of Finance and the Irish Revenue and European business registers, such as Infocamere.

Independent software vendors have also selected the same XBRL technology to enable their financial management or industry solutions, including Oracle, Infor, Milliman, ConVista, zeb, and Effisoft. While major banks, Insurance companies and industry and actuarial consulting firms have chosen UBPartner's XBRL toolkit to meet their key compliance systems requirements.

You can find further details on the range of UBPartner projects on the Case Study page.

A challenging environment, that is also fun!

UBPartner takes its commitment to delivering high quality software and services very seriously. However, we also recognise that everyone works best in a relaxed environment where they are given the opportunity to deliver their best.

We work closely with our customers and partners, jointly investigating and identifying solutions to any problems that arise.

If you are interested in working in such an environment, then please send an email with your career details to career@ubpartner.com

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