Meet Our Team

Our team consists of leading XBRL experts who are uniquely qualified to assist your organization in adopting and getting the most out of this powerful technology. UBPartner consultants have worked on some of the most advanced XBRL projects and contributed to the XBRL community in Europe and globally, helping to share best practices and develop the standard.


Roger Haddad, President

Roger has many years of experience managing technology firms. He has helped establish several start-up companies and worked with major IT firms both in Europe and Worldwide. In addition to UBPartner, he was a board member of Eptica and Lascom, and a founder of KXEN.

Steve Berdah, VP Southern Europe & MEA

Steve has been involved in XBRL systems since 2007 and has extensive experience leading projects for organisations such as Banque de France (COREP & FINREP), CSSF – Luxembourg financial regulator and BPCE. He is also CTO for XBRL France. Prior to UBPartner he worked for CSC, a major IT implementation services provider.

Laëtitia Boublil, VP Development & Consulting

Laëtitia’s XBRL experience includes the development of XBRL reporting systems and major government projects; including Banque de France’s SURFI system, Umanis FinRisk and the XBRL Reporting Toolkit (XT), which has been deployed by hundreds of banks and insurance firms across Europe and the Middle East.

David Bell, Chief Technology Officer

David is a member of the XBRL Standards Board (XSB) and also an active member of the major XBRL working groups. He has worked on projects as wide ranging as the Belgian Ministry of Finance XBRL collection system, the adoption of iXBRL by the Irish Revenue and the Norwegian FSA’s (Finanstilsynet) CRD4 and Solvency system, plus advised numerous partners and smaller projects.

Martin DeVille, VP Business Development

Martin is a member of the XBRL Europe Executive Committee and originally set up UBmatrix in Europe. He has developed a keen understanding of the XBRL software and systems market. He also has a wealth of experience in IT systems having held senior management positions at Oracle and other leading IT organisations.

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