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XBRL Expertise

Making the most of XBRL’s unique and powerful features requires both in-depth knowledge and experience. Our consultants have both.

UBPartner has real world experience in XBRL and our consultants have been helping major regulators, banks and insurance companies across Europe, plus major software vendors like SAP, Oracle, Infor to adopt XBRL.

Among our achievements we include helping to design and develop some of the leading taxonomies and having been at the core of some of Europe's most advanced XBRL implementation projects.

Consulting Services

The UBPartner team contains some of the pre-eminent experts in XBRL theory and implementation.

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist your organization in adopting and getting the most out of this powerful new technology standard, by:

  • Helping to select the correct architecture and deployment model to meet your specific needs
  • Establish approaches to taxonomy development that are tried and tested in real world XBRL projects
  • High-level resources for development and Implementation support

This kind of expertise goes beyond that of mere language knowledge; it is the cumulative experience of our team that clients can best benefit from our involvement in their project.


UBPartner has packaged its extensive knowledge of XBRL into a catalog of educational courses that range from the basics of the XBRL language, to advanced design topics.

Some of the courses available from UBPartner include:

  • Introduction to XBRL and system design
  • Approaches to taxonomy and XBRL formula development
  • Advanced validation techniques
  • XBRL reporting systems

The workshop based approach can be customised to meet your specific needs and can be held at you own offices or offsite.

Call us to discuss your XBRL consulting and training needs


Recent Product Release Notices

  • First release of Blank templates and mapping files for CRD4 v2.5.0.1 taxonomy
  • Covers COREP and FINREP 2.1.5, AE 1.0.2 and FP 1.0.3, SBP
  • This package can be used for generating Q1 2017 reports
  • Plus update package for CRD4 v2.4.1.1

  • Multi-threaded operation to improve processing efficiency
  • Additional support for Portal based installations
  • Rendering performance of very large documents is improved
  • XBRL Assertions severity standard is supported
  • Signature Tool (XST) is now available as independent application.
  • Updated XBRL Processing Engine.

  • Preliminary release of Blank templates and mapping files for Solvency II v2.1.0 taxonomy
  • This package is destined provided for partners and customers who wish to start working on their internal mapping prior to the release of the final version of the Solvency 2.1.0 taxonomy
  • EIOPA intends to publish a quick fix version of the taxonomy on 30/08/2016.
  • UBPartner will release an updated package following the final release but is not expecting any changes to the templates based upon current EIOPA guidance.

  • Blank templates and mapping files for CRD4 v2.4.1 taxonomy
  • Covers EBA taxonomies COREP 2.1.0 and FINREP 2.1.2, AE 1.0.1 and FP 1.0.2, SBP 1.0.1
  • Major updates:
    • First delivery of mappings for LCR-DA templates
    • Added C_47.00 template to LCR general to replace C_45.00 and C_46.00

  • Detached signature management for Solvency II submissions in France
  • Highlight errors in the original Excel file during the conversion process (XCT)
  • Support for Error Severity levels
  • Select from 3 levels of validation
  • Updated XBRL Processing Engine (XPE), version 5.3.4 integration

  • Improved hypercube viewer for dimensional mapping
  • Updated validation viewer that groups all validation types together
  • Automatic validation of inline XBRL upon saving
  • Increased control over inline documents
  • Support for Microsoft Office 32 and 64 bits (separate installations)
  • Latest version of the XBRL Processing Engine (XPE v5.3)
  • Standards compliance updates

  • Updated Inline XBRL library and Unit Type Registry support
  • Enhanced multi-threading support for distributed grammars
  • Support for Extensible Enumerations 1.0
  • Configurable evaluation thresholds for efficient processing of large XBRL documents
  • Improved ‘duplicate fact’ validation warnings
  • XBRL Table Linkbase version update

  • Upgraded to latest XBRL Processing Engine (XPE 5.1) and .NET 4.0
  • Migration to 64-bit libraries to support large taxonomies
  • Performance improvements when displaying and navigating large taxonomies
  • Ability to specify cache location
  • Upgraded SyncFusion libraries to remove synchronised window errors

It's good to talk

We love to hear from our customers and partners. In fact, we love to talk to anyone interested in XBRL and improving business reporting processes. If you have something you want us to hear, then you can contact us via email, phone or even write to us if you want. See all the details below.


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