Product Release Notice

CRD4 v2.4 and v2.5 Taxonomy Packages Update
September 2016

CRD4 Taxonomy Package Updates

An updated taxonomy package is now available for CRD4 version 2.4.1 and a new package is available for the latest EBA taxonomy release 2.5. These can be downloaded from the UBPartner download center.

  • CRDIV 2016-Q4(Q3) taxonomy package – “CRD4-”

    Contains a complete set of templates and mappings for EBA CRD4 taxonomy v2.4.1.1:

    • Covers COREP 2.2.1 and FINREP, AE 1.0.1 and FP 1.0.2, SBP 1.0.1
    • This package can be used to generate EBA filings required for Q3 2016
    • No structural changes to reporting templates were made in this release
    • Only change reflects more recent changes in EBA applicability dates

  • CRDIV 2017-Q1 new taxonomy package – “CRD4-”

    This is a new package for version of the EBA taxonomies:

    • Covers COREP and FINREP 2.1.5, AE 1.0.2 and FP 1.0.3, SBP
    • This package can be used for generating Q1 2017 reports
Release Note & Downloads

Updated release notes will be available from the customer download page in the coming days and customers should receive an automated message from the download center when the updated software package is available.

Please contact or your sales representative / reseller if you require additional information on the fixes and amendments made in this release, or if your require any additional help with installation and the upgrade.

Associated EBA CRD4 information

Further details on EBA’s CRD4 taxonomies and specific versions can be found EBA website.

Partners and users should also check with the relevant NCA for any other specific local filing requirements.